Calendar Week 8

Friday reflection

  1. What was my focus / top priority / most important goal this week? This week I do not believe I had a top priority. I had to help students with their research. I also had to study for the Elementaere Zahlentheorie exam. In general, I had to organize my thoughts on my upcoming projects. On top, meetings related to this summer’s event took a lot of time and energy. I also held a tutorial on feature selection.

  2. What was my level of attention to it in%? Probably low.

  3. Where was my attention? What distracted you? There were too many things happening at the same time. That was distracting.

  4. What worked “well” this week? (Please explain what you mean by “good”). It worked well that I had to present a tutorial. The deadline. The time pressure. That was good.

  5. What worked “less well” this week? (Please explain what you mean by “less good”). Too many things were happening. There was a lack of focus. I also have exam deadlines, and I was not productive in that regard.

  6. What was my part in it? And what do I learn from it? I have learned, although this is something that I already know, that I need more focus and prioritize the right things. I also need a system to avoid distractions

  7. My conclusion for this week: Focus is key. An organizer is the only way to achieve it.

  8. On a satisfaction scale from 0 = “terrible week”, I am totally dissatisfied with me to 10 = “excellent week, could not have been better” I give the week one: 3

  9. I praise myself after this week for Having been physically active and level 65 in Freeletics