Calendar Week 6

Friday reflection

  1. What was my focus / top priority / most important goal this week? My top priority was to finish my submission for ICML

  2. What was my level of attention to it in%? I would say it was fairly high. We were busy moving to a new apartment and I had to help with that, but otherwise I was primarily focused on getting the publication ready.

  3. Where was my attention? What distracted you? I tend to get distracted easily and specially towards the last part of the research, when the manuscript must be prepared, I tend to procastinate a lot.

  4. What worked “well” this week? (Please explain what you mean by “good”). The pressure to submit to a relevant venue was significant and as such helped me.

  5. What worked “less well” this week? (Please explain what you mean by “less good”). Our approach was still suboptimal and we realized it only until 3am before the deadline. In the end, we were not able to submit.

  6. What was my part in it? And what do I learn from it? It was quite significant as I was leading the research. I should have seen in advance that it would not be realistic to finish this on time and with high quality. My learning remains what I told myself at the beginning of the year and I have not been able yet to fulfill: If two weeks before the deadline, there is no manuscript ready, it is unlikely that the work will be of high quality.

  7. My conclusion for this week: My work-life balance is at the moment non-existing. I have been sleeping very little and far from excercising as I want. Also, I am overwhelmed with activities. My conclusion is that I must be more targeted and choose things to drop. I must prioritize health.

  8. On a satisfaction scale from 0 = “terrible week”, I am totally dissatisfied with me to 10 = “excellent week, could not have been better” I give the week one: 4

  9. I praise myself after this week for Having started this learning diary