Machine Learning Summer School 2019

Involvement in the ML community


The Machine Learning Summer School stretches back to 2002 when two very distinguished scientists, B. Scholkopf and A. Smola, first created it. Since then, 36 schools have been organized in multiple countries.

Skoltech’s Machine Learning Summer School, taking place from August 26 to September 6, 2019, drew participants from 36 countries across the world. Initially, our MLSS attracted 800+ applications from over 40 countries. Nearly half were PhD students, 21% were from industry, 23% were MSc students, and 7% postdocs from academia.

A total of 250 tickets were sold, half the participants were Russian and 8% of these were enrolled at Skoltech. Members of industry represented 40% of the participants, most of whom work for companies in Russia. German participants made up 9% of attendees, Chinese made up 5.5%, with both representing the largest international contingents. Participants and speakers hailed from world-renowned institutions such as Stanford University, Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon, Oxford University, ETH Zurich, TU Munich, and others.

MLSS is a great opportunity to meet with specialists in various fields of machine learning and to network with fellow students from all corners of the globe.


“I took part in the 2-week Machine Learning Summer School and it covered a very diverse set of topics by a lot of speakers. I met many interesting people from different fields.” – Jan Hendrik Lange, Max Planck Institute for Informatics

“I enjoyed the summer school very much; we had great lecturers and very varied topics. It was very useful for my research.” – Karin van Garderen, Erasmus MC (Netherlands)

“I am very happy to have had the opportunity to take part in this school. These two weeks were very intensive, the lecturers were very impressive and we had the chance to meet them and exchange contact details.” – Natalia Khanzhina, IITMO (St. Petersburg, Russia)


“Thank you for organizing this excellent summer school! I had a very nice time.” – Shimon Whiteson, University of Oxford

“I would like to thank you for organizing my stay in Moscow. I hope to see you again in Paris!” – William Clements, Unchartech (Industrial R&D Lab, Paris)

“Many thanks again for inviting me to MLSS; it was great to visit beautiful Moscow and Skoltech. I had some great interactions with the students.” – Michael Bronstein , Imperial College London

“Thank you for the invitation, my experience here has been wonderful with interesting conferences and the opportunity to discover Moscow.” – Matus Telgarsky, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

“Thanks for organizing this great MLSS summer school! The six Swedish PhD students were thrilled and satisfied.” – Mats Hanson, Sweden AI society AI.SE

“Let me thank you for participating in the organization of the MLSS Open Community Day. In the end we had more than 500 participants, which is great! We’ve also found room for cooperation with Alexander Filippov and his IT Algorithm Laboratory.” – Danila Doroshin, Huawei

“A big thank you to the organizers! I have had a fantastic time at the school and I have learned a lot. Bolshoe spasibo!” – Johannes Oberreuter, Data Reply